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Someone Just For Echono - ??? by Neon-Nazo Someone Just For Echono - ??? by Neon-Nazo
VIEW FULL FOR A BETTER IMAGE!!! I just made the preview image look different so it wouldn't conf00se people.

Edit 2: Decided to add a mini profile... so you wouldn't have to read 11 pages (Yes, 11 pages folks.. on Microsoft Word, including the comments and the fan descriptions in the scraps.) of information.

Edit: Editted the profile a bit, and have posted seperate images of Lumiere and Sol. Find the links in the profiles... there's so much info I had to put in in a seperate scrap deviation. XD Also, I added a link to "Sandstorm by Darude", Maple's theme song. Take a good listen, and you can just imagine Maple doing the Sun Dance like a light show/rhymatic gymastic performance. XD!!! Expect more changes to take place ^_^

FINALLY, IT IS DONE. I've been working on this since the day I heard about 's contest. @.@ Which is like, what, 3 months? And I'm not the only one who's suffered! XD owns most of the credit for this character. I just drew and designed her... and helped out with abilities. And jeez he did the profile really well *claps* I'm not much of a writer...


I'm crossing my fingers. There are some great entires at his contest XD; Cake and I both really want to win, but even if we lose... Maple is still an awesome character in our book. Her theme song is a good listen as well! I'm hosting it on my site so you can all download it ^_^

Now... I must rest and die. X.X I'm totally bashed for this picture...

Maple Gizmo (c) Me and <- This was a team effort! XD
Echono (c)

Summarized Profile

Name: Maple Gizmo
Age: 16
Species: Anthromorphic Desert Fennec
Occupation: Aspiring Inventor and Sun Dance Performer
Hobbies: Sun Dancing, Inventing things, Soccer
Personality: Hyper, Adventurous, Fun, Understanding, Joyful
Weakness: Weak Upper Body, low pain endurance, poor swimmer, over daring/adventurous
Abilities: A smart intelligent fennec that's good with technology and inventing. Strong jumper, kicker, climber and digger, all which have been inherited from her fennec species. Has two one way mirrored fans named "Lumiere and Sol"; Maple does what is called the "Sun Dance" in her hometown (Palm Tree Oasis) when in battle. Using her fans while doing a fast upbeat dance, Maple can manipulate lasers and light to bounce off or flash in any direction she wishes. She can also magnify a laser or light based attack, regardless of the source. One side of both mirrors reflects light, the other side magnifies light.

She calls it "bending the light", and the sight is more dazzling than a light show. If there isn't any light around, Maple can still use her metal/glass fans as spinning disks. The fans are sharp, so when she throws them to form a spinning disk, or just swipes them at her opponent, she can cut through practically anything. When the fans are closes, Maple can use them to hit people like a metal bat, since the mainframe of the fans are made from metal.

Full Profile

Basic Information

Name : Maple Gizmo
Nicknames : Desert Flower, Gadget Girl, Rocket Shoes
Personal Quote : "I didn't fail at making a robot; I succeeded in making a bomb!"
Age : 16
Species : Anthromorphic Fennec (Desert type)
Gender : Female
Height : 3'1" (3'5" with ears)
Weight : 21 kg
IQ : 148
Martial Status : Has a Crush on Echono, but other than that is single.
DOB : 16/04/3220
Birth Place : Western Desert Zone
Residence : Palmtree Oasis (West of abandoned Tech City)
Occupation : Aspiring Inventor and Sun Dance Performer (For Palm Tree Oasis)
Social Class : Civilian
Economic Class : Middle Class
Alignment : Neutral
Top Speed : 52 mph

Basic Stats
Speed - 7
Strength - 4
Defense - 4
Evasiveness - 5
Dexterity - 7
Intelligence - 7
Combat - 4
Coordination - 8


    -Prime Optic Goggles : A set of large snazzy goggles that Maple made accidentally when trying to create a pair of binoculars that could see across great distances. Instead, she came up with a pair of goggles that could be modified for different actions, including heat vision, night vision, glasses that adjust to improve vision (such as letting near-sighted people see perfectly fine) and finally, protective sunglasses so the sun doesn't hurt her eyes. Despite all these feats, Maple has yet to create a pair of binoculars.

    -Lumiere and Sol : Combining raw metals and sands from the desert with new technology and her brainpower, Maple created two sharp one way mirror fans, named Lumiere and Sol. Both weapons are incredibly sharp, solid and lightweight, allowing Maple to utilize them quickly and with relative ease. The reflective metal/glass that Sol and Lumiere are composed is capable of reflecting beams, such as lasers, or "bending light" as Maple calls it. This can happen when the side with the “moon mark” on it is up on top when light hits the fan. The moon represents reflection on Maple’s fans, since the moon reflects light off the sun.

    As a bonus, the side with the sun mark is capable of magnifying beams of light, including laser beams. Her quick handiwork allows her to magnify the power of laser beams, and she can send them right back to her opponent using the other fan on the reflecting side!

    Even if there isn’t any light present during battle, Maple is still able to use these fans as deadly weapons. The fans are sharp, so Maple can spin her body strong enough to throw the fans at high speed. They look like spinning disks in the air and can cut through most metals due to the friction created from the spin. When the fans are closed, Maple can still use them to hit people like a metal bat, since the mainframe is also made out of metal.

    Both fans are built in with magnetic tracking chips, meaning that not only can Maple find a lost fan easily, but the two weapons are almost inseperable, as the magnetic pull between the two grows with distance. Lumiere and Sol hold alot of value to Maple, as Lumiere was forged with the sands of her birthplace (Western Desert Zone), while Sol was forged with the sands of her current residence (Palmtree Oasis).

    Lumiere and Sol Info and Close Up Images : Sunny Side [link] Reflecting Side [link]

    -Solar Cube : The Solar Cube is a neat invention of Maple's, which is essentially a cube covered in solar panels to absorb the light of the sun. When filled with solar energy and activated, the Solar Cube releases a light equal to that of a 300 Watt light bulb. Working at a 300 Watt capacity, the Solar Cube is capable of maintaining the same level of brightness for approximately five minutes. After three minutes, the Cube will slowly begin to dim, and will extinguish itself after fifteen more minutes of use.

    -Spade Mitts : A pair of metallic gloves that are more of a makeshift tool than an actual gadget. They are basically gloves with digging spades built on the tips of each finger, used for...digging? They are sharp, and, like I said, good for digging, but relatively useless in battle, as they make gripping difficult, and when compared to Lumiere and Sol, hinder Maple's battle abilities.

Physical Abilities

- Super Jump : Like all fennecs, Maple has very strong legs, and as a result, can jump very high. This ability comes in handy when Maple tries to climb something, or jump out of the way of something. While she's not the best fennec jumper, it would not be wise to challenge her to a game of leapfrog; Maple can jump up to 3'5" (her normal body height) with a regular jump, and twice that amount with a super jump! The only catch to her jumping abilities, is that Maple sometimes has difficulty landing from her higher jumps, a problem she's working on.

- Sun Dance : When using her two fans to manipulate light, Maple does what is commonly referred to as the "Sun Dance". Employing fast footwork that would make a neat sound if she wore tap-dance shoes with quick movements of the fans, Lumiere and Sol, Maple's "Sun Dance" is quite a sight to behold. Even without the fans and light, the Sun Dance is still deadly, as it is a fighting style when the fans and kicks are used in melee combat. The Sun Dance is not just a dance; it is an art, which took much time to refine.

- Fennec Kicks : Another bonus of having strong legs is the ability to kick. While Maple might not have a very strong upper body, her kicks are not to be toyed with. They've only been strengthened by years of doing the Sun Dance, as well as playing soccer. When Maple uses her kicks in battle, she has relatively good accuracy, and tends to use her left foot for more of the kicking, focusing her balance on the right foot. Her kicks are even deadlier when used in conjunction with Sol and Lumiere in the Sun Dance; the movements are so quick, yet beautiful, giving Maple the advantage in battle.

- Mountainside Mastery : More fennec inherited abilities! Like most fennecs, Maple has superb climbing abilities. Give her a fence without barbed wire on top, and she can scale it rather quickly. She's very agile, and her strong legs allow for a speedy ascent, whether it's on a fence, palm tree, or a rock cliff. If she can't jump over it, chances are she can climb it.

- Burrow Mastery : Another interesting trait all fennecs share is their digging abilities. Maple is no exception, as she is quite an expert digger; she always carries the spade mitts around with her! When she is faced with a barbed wire fence that cannot be climbed over, she can always start digging. As long as the fence doesn't run too deep into the ground, Maple will be able to slip under it.

- Forms : N/A

Physical Techniques:

Thanks to her Sun Dancing and years of soccer, Maple is a very coordinated girl who can really move! Aside from landing after a high, Maple moves swiftly and can be very acrobatic when she's on the go. Occasionally as she jumps, she kicks off a wall or something high enough in order to gain more height. As stated before, she does tend to have trouble landing after a high jump since the rush of falling makes her forget to keep balance. She's not much of a puncher or one to throw people with her bare hands. Her arms are quick and light enough to handle the fans at a speedy rate.

Being weak in the upper body, Maple does the common technique of "dodge first, attack later" and goes by a strategy when fighting. Her eyes are able to see fast movements, so her reaction to move out of the way is at its peak. After dodging, when she finds the opportunity to strike back, she'll take it. The metal slab on her boots allows her to strike a kick with some serious damage. However, the less time it takes for her to prepare a kick, the weaker it is. Maple's swift kicks usually don't cause extreme pain, but can wear an opponent out. If she takes her time while kicking, you'd better get out of there quick!

Others rise with the moon, but Maple rises with the sun. The sunlight helps her blind her enemies with her fans by reflecting the rays off the mirrored side of her fans. Her Sun Dance light show has a tendacy to distract her opponents, giving her a great opportunity to give them a kick or slash at them with her fans. She tends to throw her fans best with her right arm, making them spin into a deadly disk that's bound to cut anything in its path.

Overall, while Maple lacks supernatural abilities and muscular strength, she's still a tough cookie to break... proving that even your average furries can fight just as well. Her fans, Lumiere and Sol, plus the combined strength of her legs make her a deadly "desert flower" indeed!

Personal Information

Favorite Color : Orange
Friends : Echono Lihte
Rivals : Thomas Edison (lol)
Enemies : None
Known Relatives : Alva Gizmo (father), Curie Gizmo (mother)
Likes : Soccer, Dancing, Inventing things, Jumping, Climbing, Sugar, Sunny Days, Family Time, Adventures, her friend Echono (Though it's beyond like...)
Dislikes : Baseball (She gets annoyed when people thinks she likes baseball due to the hat she's wearing. It's a muffin hat, not a baseball cap!), Juggling, Clowns, Asparagus, Rainy Days, Sitting Around, Being Put Down, Harsh Criticism on her Engineering and Technology Skills
Physical Strengths : Quick, Agile, Strong Lower Body, Coordinated
Habits : Rolling her Eyes, Humming When Impatient or Bored and waving her tail
Gourmet of Choice: Candies (Omnivore) – She has a high metabolism and works out alot. This would explain why her figure is so skinny for one who eats candy alot.
Beverage of Choice: Sugary Lemonade (Omnivore)
Personal Strengths : Smart, Creative, Hyper, Funny, Friendly, Tough, Understanding

Physical Weaknesses :
- Weak Upper Body: Can't lift heavy things or punch through rocks. much less her opponent. Her arms are only good for handling and throwing the fans; not for heavy lifting.
- Low Pain Endurance: Her legs are strong, but the rest of her is frail and petite due to her status as a dancer. Maple can't handle painful attacks like others, which is why she does "dodge first, attacks later."
- Poor Swimmer: While she lived near an oasis, Maple can't swim very well and in most cases, will drown if she's underwater for too long. It's not that she hates water, she loves getting caught in the rain, she's just doesn't seem to have the time nor patience to learn properly.

Personal Weaknesses :
- Hyper: It's both a good trait, and a bad trait. She has a hard time taking it easy, so she's usually looking for another adventure. There is a thing called being "too adventurous for your own good".
- Requires Attention: While some are shy and invisible, Maple wants to let everyone know she's there and not another chair. This can be a problem when others around her, like her friends, are trying to "lay low" and try not to attract too much attention. It can also bring up embarrassing situations for not Maple, but the people who are with her. :XD:
- Easy to Bore: If it's not something she's not interested in, she'll walk away or fall asleep.
- Fears Clowns: She had a childhood inncident when she went to the circus aroud the age of 5.
- Tends to Taunt Opponents: OK, so this is good... to get them angry since Maple likes to say "An angry warrior fights blind!" but she does tend to over do it sometimes.
- Jumps Before Looking (Daring): Maple tends to take risks, especially when trying to help out. This can get her into alot of trouble with unfriendly people... and she usually doesn't think about herself or how putting her own life at danger will affect those close to her.


Inventing: A hobby of Maple's is inventing various tools and gadgets to try and better the state of the world she lives in. She sees Thomas Edison as a rival to surpass, and her goal is to someday make an invention that would benefit the world in a way that would put her name in the history books forever. Every time she comes up with an invention, no matter how big or small, she always says to herself: "Take that, Edison!" She's a smart girl... but not all of her inventions tend to work. ;D She's made more than one bomb over her lifetime.

Dancing: The Sun Dance is a famous hobby that is mandatory for all girls of Palm tree Oasis to learn. Maple's been learning the dance since she turned three, and mastering the dance is a goal all girls in the Palm tree Oasis dream off. Maple is very fond of the Sun Dance, and dances not only for battle, but leisure as well. "Dance Revolution has nothing on me!"

Soccer: "The greatest sport ever invented!" Maple is a huge fan of soccer; it is her way of letting loose. For a person who practices a rigorous dance routine, and also works hard studying kinetics and key subjects required for inventing, soccer is an escape. Aside from a few simple rules, Maple is able to let loose and release her large abundance of energy on the playing field.


Maple Gizmo is a very cheerful, hyper character, yet also smart and patient. Because she practices such a demanding dance and works so hard on her inventions, she tends to bottle up all her energy, which she then releases when she has free time, or is playing soccer. Maple gives off the image of someone who is on a constant sugar rush; she is normally very eager to partake in any activities, and she seems to thrive off of attention.

Not one to hide her feelings, Maple speaks her thoughts; if she's bored, people will hear it. She's not one to sit back and watch others have all the fun either; she'd rather get her hands dirty instead. She's a stubborn person, and when she wants to do something, it's very hard to persuade her otherwise. The same applies for things that Maple dislikes; asking her to clean her room is like asking the sun not to shine; useless. Unless it's to help someone out, Maple will flat out avoid tasks she dislikes.

Whenever nudged into battle, she’ll do whatever she can to protect her friends or loved ones around her. She’ll get nervous or scared once in awhile, but her strong and stubborn personality keep her from breaking down. Her wits and hardworking attitude can get her out of practically every tough situation. Strangely enough, she has a tendency to taunt her opponents even in battle. As far as she knows, if they smell fear they’ll take advantage of it and fight her from the inside. "An angry warrior fights blind!"

Maple's personality is a positive influence on Echono, while his is a positive influence on her. While Maple's personality shows Echono how to be more active and fun in life, Echono's laid back personality shows Maple how to just sit back and enjoy life once in a while, without having to think of dancing or inventing.

At some points their relationship seems very strange. Maple likes to drag Echono places, whereas Echono wishes to stay where he is to sit back and relax. Still, she hinders a huge crush on Echono and fights hard to hide it. Which is interesting, since Maple's not the type to hide her emotions. I guess when it comes to liking Echono so much, there's a difference!

Their personalities can bring them together as a balance, and while it may seem they wouldn’t get along at first, you shouldn’t give up on them just yet! Despite her sugar high attitude, Maple has a loving heart on the inside and will always be there for Echono, physically or spiritually. Love has no boundaries… and different views of life can’t stop them there!

Physical Appearance


- Light sandy brown colored fur that’s thick but soft.
- Sparkly saddle brown colored eyes; eyes are separate from each other (the white area) and are based off of an oval.
- Dark Peru brown shiny spiky hair on the back that flows down but spikes upward.
- Dark Peru brown short bushy tail with a light sandy brown spiky ring around the middle of it.
- Large saddle brown ears with some dark Peru brown tips with a few hairs out of place.
- Inside of each ear is a white color.
- Dark Peru brown semicircle birthmark between her eyes that lays right above muzzle.
- Dark Peru brown spiky bangs on the right side of her head. (Her right) One goes upward while the other bangs (Usually 4-7 are seen, it varies on how messy her hair is) go downward.
- Two long Dark Peru brown bands on the sides on her face with a small bang at the top.
- Cute black button nose.
- A tall, slim and curvy figure with long legs and pretty long arms. Maple is a dancer, so it’s required that her body be pretty lightweight and skinny.

Attire (Maple’s clothes seem simple enough, but as a striving inventor, they’re more complicated than they look, meeting her needs in both safety and combat):

- Midnight blue colored muffin hat (NOT a baseball cap) that has slits allowing ears to be shown and with a button on top. The hat itself is made from layers of fiberglass fabric that has been given a vermiculite coating, increasing the hat’s resistance to flame and abrasion. The rim of the hat is made from a virtually indestructible polymer that’s light, but lives up to its name. It too has been covered with the same fiberglass fabric used for the rest of the hat. It’s comfy, stylish and it cost Maple a lot of money to make one, so she takes good care of it since it’s protected her head and hair on more than one occasion.

- Long black fingerless glove on her right arm that’s covered with thin strips of white POP band aid. Maple really only puts if there because it looks good, and since that arm is her most used arm (it’s her throwing arm and writing arm) it keeps her from having a muscle cramp.

- Sexy (*smacked*) yellow vest that’s made from polyester but has a bit of cotton in it, giving it that smooth feeling. It’s lined with yellow along most of the outside rim, and the pockets are lined with white polyester as well. Since Maple has been soft and fluffy her whole life, she likes to use clothes that aren’t as fluffy and soft, and keep safe when in combat or building.

- White cotton midriff tank top underneath the vest to keep her chest from having discomfort from the polyester material.

- Tall darkish brown boots with grey iron underside. An even darker brown buckle can be seen, and there are rigid polymer slabs (grey colored) on the boots that help Maple cause serious damage when kicking. They can also help her if she's scaling cliffs or other rocky formations in the desert or in other dry places.

- Long black socks with a little shine to them.

- A stylish aluminum bracelet brushed with 12 karat gold. It’s still a stylish bracelet! =D It’s also got its own magnetic signal, so Lumiere and Sol always come back to her whenever she throws them. Since the bracelet has its own signature magnetic signal, Maple’s bracelet doesn’t get stuck onto other metal objects.

- Heavy denim shorts that are cut off on the side, but are still connected to the waistline and do NOT show her butt. XD They are light and allow Maple to run easily in them without discomfort. If any idiotic guy does try to stick their hand in places that shouldn’t be reached, they will face deadly consequences… literally.


Maple was born in the Western Desert Zone, Alva Gizmo's home, but her parents moved to Palmtree Oasis to live as a family. In Palmtree Oasis, Maple grew up as a happy, healthy child. Her father was always a fan of science, and had many a few science books lying around, which Maple would look at, even if she didn't really understand them all too well at first. She was so intrigued by the science books, however, that she'd have her father read her "Theories of Robotology" rather than "Goodnight Moon" as bedtime stories. Because of this influence of science at such a young age, Maple grew up into the aspiring inventor she is at age 16.

Another passion that was quickly sparked at a young age was the Sun Dance, an art that Curie Gizmo, Maple's mother, was passionate about. Seeing her mother performing such a beautiful dance inspired Maple to move just like her mother. She put extra effort into her dance lessons (as the Sun Dance was a mandatory art to be learnt in Palmtree Oasis) and quickly became one of the best dancers, continuing to practice the dance even after the mandatory lessons had ended.

While science was inspired by her father, and the dance by her mother, Maple is unique from her parents in her love for soccer. She played her first game of soccer after a dance lesson at age four. The checkered ball just so happened to roll in front of her as she was walking home, and the kinds across the street shouted at her to kick the ball to them. Maple winded up a kick, and let the ball fly. The kids were so impressed by the little fennec's kick, that she was invited to join in the game. Maple quickly fell in love with soccer, and played whenever she had the chance.

While living in Palmtree Oasis, Maple's life was mainly dominated by dance and studies, while the gaps were filled with soccer. She became a hyper, friendly and smart girl, but she always craved a certain freedom outside of her routine. Sure, inventing things brought forth a certain excitement; she never knew if her invention would work. The Sun Dance was always an adrenaline rush to Maple; the quick movements, intricate steps and the sparkling of the light against her fans was beautiful. And soccer was... freedom. But Maple always felt as though there were certain confines to her life.

On her sixteenth birthday, Maple came to the decision that she wanted to leave Palmtree Oasis, and use her inventions to try and better the world, make a name for herself, and prove that Thomas Edison wasn't that great! While Maple's parents disagreed with her decision, Maple simply stated that it was a decision she had made for herself, and that she had to do it. With a smile, she added "Besides, if I don't tell people Edison was a jerk, who will?"

That same night, upon leaving her house, Maple wandered around Palmtree Oasis, and came to the old building where young children learned to dance. She looked up at the building with memories in her head, when suddenly, something tapped against her foot. She looked down to see a soccerball at her feet.

"Hey! A little help?" A voice called from across the street, where the soccer field was.

Maple looked up to see a yellow hedgehog with bright yellow eyes, large pointy triangular ears, and long old bandages on each of his arms. His arms were crossed and he was tapping a red and green shoe on the ground. Maple hastily kicked the ball to the hedgehog, who bounced it off his knee and began to juggle the ball. His skill was quite impressive, and Maple suddenly found herself shouting out.

"Hey! Are you up for a game? One on one!" She challenged, crossing the street to the soccer field.

"Hmmm..." The yellow hedgehog said (he glowed as he hummed too, Maple noticed with slight confusion) "... are you any good?"

"You're about to find out!" Maple said, outstretching a hand. "By the way, the name's Maple."

The yellow hedgehog shook her hand. "Echono." He introduced himself. "Now, are we gonna play or what?"

Theme Song

Sandstorm : Made by Darude
To Listen to the song, download it by saving this file. [link]

There are no lyrics, as it's a techno song. It expresses Maple's hyperness, and the title is somewhat fitting as well. That's why it was chosen. In Maple’s reality, this song would often be used to perform her Sun Dancing routines on stage.

Personal Analyisis and Comments

Cake's Comments: A while back, I was on MSN, and Nazoshadow randomly comes online and tells me that she's entering a contest on Deviantart to design a special someone for Echono, who I've never heard of. I say congratulations, and continue about my business, not realizing that the contest is about to take up the better part of the month of May for me.

I keep talking to Nazo, and I find out she's having trouble coming up with the character, as she can't even think of a name yet. Me, being such a wonderfully nice person, decide to help Nazo out, as she's a cool person as well. I tell her to focus on the design of the character, and I'll handle personality and such. We brainstorm for a bit, and BAMF : Maple Gizmo is soon made up from scrap. Hours of debating, tossing ideas back and forth, and eating dinners at the computer (at least on my end) and the new fennec inventor was starting to take shape. Her design, both in character and physically, is something that me and Nazo can be proud of. Maple is, in my own humble opinion, a wonderful fun, smart and special character.

I won't ramble on, but I'd just like to say this in closing: Maple is a special character, and nobody can take that away from her. She truly was a blast to work on, and I loved being able to have the chance to have a part in her creation. If she's chosen to be that special someone for Echono, then I hope she's treated with the kindness and respect she deserves.

...Thomas Edison blows!

Naz’s Comments: I love Cake so much, platonically speaking of course. I shall be completely honest on this one, but I think Cake deserves all the credit for the character. Sure, I was the artist… but by GODS Maple’s profile was well written. An artist may be capable of creating life into a character by drawing, but it’s a tricky skill to do the same thing with writing, but Cake pulled if off very well.

I’m glad he agreed to help me, and it was very enjoyable to be working with her on Maple. I was really surprised at how Maple turned out to be… let it be known that Cake is extremely clever when making the background of a character. Me, I’m only a designer lol!

AHEM, I shall shut up about Cake now. I might as well make a shrine for him! Maple… now what I love about Maple is her design and personality. She’s very pretty for a fennec, yet you can see her wild-one personality at first glance. She was very tricky to design; I went around seven different outfits, and that didn’t even count the colors! Still, she was very fun to draw… and I’m really proud of how she came out. The only thing that bothered me was the shorts; when I showed a couple buddies a preview of her outfit, they all pointed out her shorts. THEY HANG IN THERE… JUST TO LET YOU KNOW. So keep those naughty camera phones and hands away from places they shouldn’t be! XO Besides, Maple looks very cute in those shorts. XD

I wouldn’t mind having a friend like Maple, though I’d be force to wear sunglasses. Every time I hear “Sandstorm” I can always imagine Maple dancing with her fans, twirling and spinning, jumping and allowing the light to flash off her fans. In my head, the sight is far more beautiful than a laser light show. In my opinion, Maple’s abilities still wonder me; who would’ve thought about reflecting light as an ability? Seriously, we hear about chars that can create light and blast light, but reflect it? Leave it to Cake and Naz to think up something strange as that… and it actually works!

Just a little fact I’d throw off there, we based Maple’s physical abilities off of those of the actual fennec fox. Mind you, the little buggers truly are great diggers and jumpers… and they love to be social and play! Now doesn’t that fit Maple Gizmo? =D

… now then, Naz is off, I have the strangest craving for Maple Cream Cake! (Get it?! Maple Gizmo, Cream the Rabbit and Cake!)

… I’m going to get socked for that aren’t I? *hides*

Cake’s Comments (cont.): I work 3 months on this for you… and this is the thanks I get?! XO
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Yeah... read the summarized version. XD the actual version is like 11 pages to read on Microsoft Word. X3
goldhedgehog Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
That seriously puts Echono's profile to shame any day x.x''

Thank you for entering, full credit to the both of you. Oh, and best of luck =D
Neon-Nazo Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2006
XD I highly doubt it puts any shame onto Echono's profile lol. But thanks anyways for the comment. =)
goldhedgehog Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Actually, I'd love to read the full version of Maple's profile to see just how much shame it puts on Echono's :P Her profile her has already given you guys the full ten point bonus. Believe me.
Neon-Nazo Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2006
0_0 Woah... um... thanks? XD I was expecting 7 or 8... wow thanks... again. XD I guess reading Echono's profile so many times paid off. =P (Cake and I lost count as to how many times we re-read Echono's profile @.@)
irikaru Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2006
looks greate i just LOVE fans i love them so much for some reson they seem like some one is controling wind =D
GearTH Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2006
Cute X3 Oh so purdy
Trakker Featured By Owner May 26, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
holy crap thats a profile and a half O_o good job ^_^;;; i think my entry is well and truly smacked to death by now by other people... including you ^_^;
SpectorFox Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
I WUV TEH EARS. My favorite furry type of ears =3
Neon-Nazo Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
Yush... it's a good thing r/l fennecs have big ears. *points to the images on Google* X3
SpectorFox Featured By Owner May 26, 2006
Aye, fennecs are so nice. I luv anything with big eats or long tails =3
spikoe Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
Ohh! Nice picture there!
Neon-Nazo Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
^_^ Thanks!
Blackkrystal Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
.0. I wish you the super most awesome luck Naz. I plan on entering myself *in frantically colouring the pic*, but I honestly don't think I have a chance now I've seen this XP You and Cake did an amzing job.
Neon-Nazo Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
Thanks! X3 You still have a chance =O Don't give up just yet! I saw Becky's and Shock's entry... and I didn't give up... I think. XD
interfeci Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
god, she is just such a cutie
good luck in the contest
Vertekins Featured By Owner May 25, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing in both aspects; design is incredibly original and so is the profile. It's unbelivable cool to see such wonderous originality in this day and age of recolours.
Neon-Nazo Featured By Owner May 26, 2006
lol, thanks. If others spent more time on their characters, they wouldn't be total recolors. X3

Anywho, thanks for the comment on the image, I hope Maple's profile wasn't too long of a read XD
CaelumRevert Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
Very good! =O
urtheart Featured By Owner May 24, 2006
Well done to you and cake, she's looking good. And finally someone who hasn't done an over complicated design for a character. Definitly likeing the colour scheme.
Side note for Cake, how long did you spend on that discription, I'll have to read it later cause I am in a hurry.
YellowScarfWhistle Featured By Owner May 24, 2006  Student
Holy crap, Naz! She's awesome. You and Cake pwnerz.
ben-hurr Featured By Owner May 24, 2006
Rofl, that's awesome you two! =p
*right away counters with a new villian!*
Neon-Nazo Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
Maple: Ohnoes! Not the clowns!!!

Cake and Naz: *jump in a box*
BaneTUH Featured By Owner May 24, 2006
I really like how she kinda sulks back with her hat when sad XD Anyway, I'll check it later and give my personal critique on it. I did mention a few things for Shock's entry.

LOL, Shock...
Neon-Nazo Featured By Owner May 24, 2006
BaneTUH Featured By Owner May 24, 2006
Ryuura Featured By Owner May 24, 2006
Man, that's awesome! It's easy to see you and Cake put a LOT of effort into that. I'm very impressed with your work. The design and drawing is wonderful and I just love that profile... it's so well-written and descriptive. Awesome job girls, this has to be my favorite out of all the entries so far. Excellent work. n_n
Neon-Nazo Featured By Owner May 24, 2006
Thanks! ^_^ I'm glad our work paid off in the end. Now I must take a million year nap... XD
Ryuura Featured By Owner May 24, 2006
You're welcome, it really did. =P *fluffs a pillow and blanket for ya*
CakePrower Featured By Owner May 24, 2006
Oh my gosh, I love the picture! Awesome job Nazo! Wish us teh luck!
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